I come from a background where my (grand)parents repaired things endlessly. They were making and creating things on a practical level all the time. This is where I learned to sew. In large families, a pair of trousers can sustain like forever… if you are able to fix it over and over again.

The idea of fixing stuff has stayed with me strongly.
You can repair broken items or you can create new things out of it. Nothing is waste.
Even broken pieces have purpose and meaning.
But can you fix a broken relation- or friendship? Can you repair events that went wrong?

Wanting to repair more than just stuff involves the experience of forgiveness and of transformation.
Some form of imperturbability is present in all my work.
The assumption that if we do penance… all will be forgiven or fixed.
The process of artmaking involves (personal) transformation all the time.

To me, making art has something to do with sharing the inner space. Sharing is in a way beyond human beings,
and yet in a way within human capacity.

A personal story can be applied to others.
If we are able to “see” or truly understand what’s in each other’s inner space…. Maybe everything can be fixed.

And at least we will be able to endure each other gently.

I studied at ArtEZ, Arnhem, the AKV/St.Joost Academy of Art and Design (Fine Arts), Den Bosch and at the Radboud University (Psychology), Nijmegen.

I worked for Derde Wal for 5 years and I am currently taking up my practice as a creating artist again.