Does it all come down to the way we tell the story?

JAM van der AA’s work as a visual artist and the artistic research is a reflection on (human) relationships. It explores different facets of communication. It explores inter-human relationship as well as the relationship one has to the self.

Can you fix a broken relation- or friendship? Can you repair events that went wrong? Can you repair broken people?

Do we accept them?

Others about JAM van der Aa (nl)

Vensterbank, Leiden

Afgelaste kunst in Mister Motley

Selection of shows and publications:
Vensterbank/Leiden, Derde Wal/ Nijmegen, Extrapool/Nijmegen, WillemTwee/’s-Hertogenbosch, public space, Nijmeegse Kunstnacht
Mister Motley, Raffia en Op Ruwe Planken
I studied at ArtEZ (Art Education), Arnhem, AKV/St.Joost Academy of Art and Design (Fine Arts), Den Bosch and at Radboud University (Psychology), Nijmegen. In September I will participate in the master program of iMAE (Arnhem).