JAM van der AA is a multidisciplinary artist and artistic researcher with a background in psychology.

The research mostly is a reflection on relationships, exploring different facets of communication. The different voices. Inter-human relationships as well as the relationship one has to the self are subject of the research.
From time to time Jam van der AA’s work tends to investigate our physical relationships to space and time (and each other) as well.

Both text and images form a component in JAM van der AA’s work. Although textile is an important, recurring form of work for her, because of its tactility and it requires an investment of time and a certain amount of contemplation, she does also make printed matters, such as books and zines.
Visual means are deployed widely and autonomously, depending on the context. The production of some works sometimes takes years. JAM van der AA tries to counterbalance the speed of the times.


Selection of shows:
AtelierAnders/Schaijk, Vensterbank/Leiden, Derde Wal/Nijmegen, Extrapool/Nijmegen, WillemTwee/’s-Hertogenbosch, public space, Nijmeegse Kunstnacht/Nijmegen
Selection of publications:
Mister Motley, Raffia (On gender, diversity, and feminism) & Op Ruwe Planken
She studied at ArtEZ (Art Education), Arnhem, AKV/St.Joost Academy of Art and Design (Fine Arts), Den Bosch and at Radboud University (Psychology), Nijmegen.
She worked as a project manager and curator for Derde Wal, Nijmegen