Does it all come down to the way we tell the story?



The personal is universal. The personal is political. The personal is relational.

The personal is not personal at all.

I come from a background where my (grand)parents repaired things endlessly. The idea of fixing stuff has stayed with me strongly. You can repair broken items or you can create new things out of it. Nothing is waste. Even broken pieces have purpose and meaning.

But can you fix a broken relation- or friendship? Can you repair events that went wrong? Can you repair broken people?

To me, making art has got to do with sharing the inner space. Sharing is in a way beyond human beings, and yet within human capacity.
My work is a reflection on (human) relationships and I explore different facets of communication.


I studied at ArtEZ (Art Education), Arnhem, AKV/St.Joost Academy of Art and Design (Fine Arts), Den Bosch and at Radboud University (Psychology), Nijmegen.